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The new U-Turn Blacklight paraglider sets new standard of paragliding performance in the EN/LTF B class. Technologies from Acro and competition paraglider wings have been incorporated in the new U-Turn Blacklight paraglider to produce a wing that has a glide ration of 10:1. All certification flights have been made with serial line arrangements (no folding lines)

  • 2-line system (only 267m on size L)
  • High Definition Profile (HDP) technology
  • High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD)
  • Dynamic Handling (from the U-Turn Thriller)
The U-Turn Blacklight paraglider wing is, like the successful U-Turn Passion paraglider in the EN/LTF C class, equipped with the High Definition Profile (HDP). HDP means thin plastic rods on the topsail of the paraglider which cover from 45% to 80% of the profile depth. The optimum of this technology was found in numerous test flights in different prototype design steps.The system corresponds perfectly with the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) which means optimal designed cross ventilation openings in the wings ribs, which gives a dynamic handling but with a high stability. This technology is borrowed from the U-Turn Thriller paraglider and is now used in serial gliders.
The U-Turn Blacklight paraglider has 50 cells and an aspect ratio of 5,8. Another fact for the high performance of the paraglider wing is the use of supreme NCV fabric material. In the wings topsail type 40gramm is used in water repellent quality and Skytex type 36 in the wings bottomsail. Elaborately is the conception of the ribs, there is type 32 Skytech material in hardfinish-quality built in.The PPN-system instead of the heavy nose mylar gives easy starting characteristic,and thermaling the wing is just a dream. The U-Turn Blacklight paraglider turns willing in the thermal updraft and rapidly gains altitude.
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  • White & Red
  • Multicoloured 
  • Model: Blacklight
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