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Skywalk Chili 5

The Skywalk CHILIs have always offered the perfect complete package: they are the high-tech, performance reference in their class, while remaining easy to fly with a very manageable extreme flight behavior. With the Skywalk CHILI5 we have succeeded in continuing this tradition. The glider flies intuitively as pilot and glider quickly become a single unit. This is especially noticeable when coring thermals. The core becomes easy to find and the glider climbs quickly.

Additional performance can be called up easily and efficiently in all flying conditions. As the first and only of our EN-B intermediates, the CHILI5 is equipped with the sykwalk SPEED CONTROL that helps XC pilots perfect their flying skills to achieve even higher average XC speeds.

With many innovations and small optimizations, we have once again managed to improve the CHILI in all areas to achieve maximum flying comfort and efficiency. The result is the best CHILI ever.


  • User-friendly line setup 
  • New glider design 
  • TX-Light material
  • New structure Internal miniribs 

Skywalk Chili 5 - Moselglider


Ground handling is easy thanks to the user-friendly line setup. Internal seams on the mini-ribs increase robustness during ground handling as well as launch preparations. The handling is very intuitive, and the glider gives you precise feedback, which builds confidence and makes you feel comfortable immediately. The CHILI5 takes on thermals well, so it’s extremely easy to find the core of the thermal. The CHILI5 is a fast climber. Brake line input is directly converted. Control travel and braking forces are designed to meet the requirements of thermal and XC pilots, so that you can still make a safe landing after many hours in the air. In turbulent air, the CHILI5 provides enough feedback to avoid glider disturbances before they happen. This increases safety and keeps you flying on course. When gliding in active air masses, the wing’s high aerodynamic efficiency can be further increased via the SPEED CONTROL. When flying on bar you can control the angle of attack via the rear risers and significantly increase your average speed.


Cells 57 57 57 57 57
Area flat (m²) 22,79 24,53 26,35 28,23 30,18
Area projected (m²) 19,54 21,03 22,59 24,20 25,88
Wingspan flat (m) 11,30 11,72 12,15 12,57 13,00
Wingspan projected (m) 9,04 9,37 9,71 10,05 10,40
Aspect ratio flat 5,6 5,6 5,6 5,6 5,6
Aspect ratio projected 4,18 4,18
min. profile depth (cm) 64 66 69 71 74
max. profile depth (cm) 244 253 262 271 280
Glider weight (kg)
4,5 4,8 5,0 5,3 5,6
Certified weight range (kg) 55 - 85 70 - 95 85 - 105 95 - 115 105 - 135
Homologation LTF/EN: B LTF/EN: B LTF/EN: B LTF/EN: B LTF/EN: B



Upper Sail Dominico 30 DMF / TX-Light
Lower Sail Dominico TX-Light
Ribs Porcher Skytex 40g hard
Bands Porcher Skytex 40g hard
Main lines Liros PPSLS 180/125, PPSL 200
Middle lines Edelrid 8000U - 130/90/70/50
Top lines Liros DC35, Edelrid 8000U - 70/50
Brake lines Liros DFPL 200/32, Edelrid 8000U -190/70/50, Liros DC35
Riser Güth&Wolf 12mm Webbing


Main deferences to it’s predecessor:
LAUNCH: Launch preparations as well as ground handling are easier due to the user-friendly line setup. The glider has simple launch behavior.

HANDLING: The CHILI5 is similar in character to its predecessor and very intuitive, yet the CHIL5 flies even more precisely. Thanks to the new tension distribution, the CHILI5 feels more relaxed in turbulence as well as on bar.
We have installed our SPEED CONTROL for the first time in a B-glider. This system reacts smoothly and makes the glider easy to stabilize and steer while flying on bar.

PERFORMANCE: Typical for the CHILI series, the CHILI5 handles thermals well. The glider can be turned tightly in the core of the thermal and climb performance is enormous. Compared to the CHILI4, the CHILI5 once again steps up performance at trim speed and on bar.
With the SPEED CONTROL you can fly on bar very efficiently and achieve a higher average speed over long distances.

EXTREME FLIGHT: the CHILI5 has manageable extreme flight characteristics and no special features to note.

INFO FOR SIV TRAINING: Side and front collapses are easier to handle than with its predecessor. The B-stall is easy to perform, for this it is best to grab the lines via the line shackles. Full stall: the canopy stalls flat via wingspan. The spiral is easier to control. 

  • Model: Chilli 5
  • Shipping Weight: 10Kgs
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  • Manufactured by: Skywalk

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