Reserve Parachutes

Paragliding Reserve Parachutes, are an important part of your flying security and safety. Flying  a paraglider with a reserve will give you more confidence. At Axis we specialise in getting the right reserve for you. Our C.F.I is a qualified and certified BHPA parachute re-packer, with 25+ years experience. We have fitted and supplied hundreds of reserve parachute systems. For expert advice please call us, and use this:

  Click here for reserve comparison table to help you choose the best model for you.

We always prefer to have our pilots come and have their reserve fitted and repacked by us, while they watch and learn about their reserve system. Each system can be repacked if required with a 1 year BHPA certificate of packing and checking.
We would prefer not to sell these mail order, but if you have the expereience to fit it yourself, then fine. If not, please send us your harness and we will repack and fit it for you.


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