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For 27 years we have been supplying fitting and repacking reserve parachutes for Paraglider and hang glider pilots.

We have carried out inspections and packing on hundreds of reserves and have received several thanks from pilots who have had to deploy reserves packed by us. Our CFI Steve Millson is a BHPA qualified packer Chris White who also hold their packing certificates. You can send us your reserve and harness, or just the reserve container and we will; air, carry out a full inspection, and repack your reserve, fitting it to your harness if required. You will get a BHPA Certificate with each repack valid for 1 year. For peace of mind, we have customers who bring theirs back here year after year.  We can arrange a re delivery by  courier. Either drop off using our 24/7 drop off box or use this service at  which is usually the cheapest way to send it, and may be more convienient as local drop off and collection point services are available.

We try to turn repacks around in a few days, but please allow a week or more at busy times. please check first!

Notice  Please read this, we will refuse to repack reserves outside the manufacturers lifespan! (normally 10 years)

BHPA Technical office advisory for emergency parachute repackers and repack forms. 

Different emergency parachute and harness manufacturers suggest different periods as the useful working life of their products (mostly 10 years), beyond which they are not prepared to
offer any guarantee of their effectiveness. This is because they have no control over the treatment or the environmental factors that their products encounter.

The useful life of your flying equipment, including your emergency parachute is not infinite, all materials degrade over time, and several factors, humidity, temperature, exposure to UV light, air pollution, packing methods, and of course use, can affect this life.

BHPA emergency parachute packers can comment upon the appearance of any product, and reserve the right to refuse to repack any item they consider in poor condition; but even apparently suitable harnesses or emergency parachutes may have  suffered degradation in performance and structural integrity and it is every pilots’ 
personal responsibility to ensure that their equipment is airworthy.

Unlike gliders, there are no standardised tests for checking the strength and porosity of harnesses or emergency parachutes. 

It is important to consider your system as a whole, there have been issues with small parachutes being insecure in large pockets, and vice versa, and of pilots modifying elements from different manufacturers to fit each other. 

Remember that your manufacturers are knowledgeable about their product and give their warranties for what they consider good reasons. If you are confident enough to use their product, you should respect their prescribed limitations. If you are not sure that you can rely on your equipment in an emergency situationthe only sensible solution is to replace it. 



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Adrian Martin Spark
5 of 5 Stars
Everything you want when sending off such an important piece of kit. . Professional job at a great price, hassle free, good communication and quick turnaround. Will be back again when reserve needs repacked.. . . Hopefully. 😉😉 Thanks Steve


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