Ozone Magnum 2 Tandem Paraglider


Ozone Magnum 2 Tandem Paraglider Wing

The Ozone Magnum series has been used by more professional tandem paraglider pilots around the world over the past 5 years than any other wing. Ozone are proud of the Magnum’s legacy and it has been a very difficult job to improve upon the original design of the first Magnum. Ozones goals were to maintain the best characteristics of the original Magnum while making it even easier to fly.

  • The Magnum series is the most used professional tandem wing in the world
  • Riser system with “Ear Blockers”
  • New, lighter brake pressure
  • Agile, “solo glider” handling
  • Most durable design and materials

The Ozone Magnum II was more than three years in development, and has been tested thoroughly in all flyable conditions; from high wind launches to tail wind launches, high mountain air to coastal soaring and everything in between. Like the original Ozone Magnum, it is strong and versatile enough for any professional tandem paraglider pilot, and excels in all conditions.

What professional paraglider pilots will notice first when flying the Ozone Magnum II, is an easier launch due to a much lighter sail. Incredibly, without reducing the canopies strength or durability Ozone have reduced the weight by 640g. This has improved not only the inflation and launch, but the in-flight behaviour as well. The next obvious improvement is the reduced brake pressure. Pro pilots will appreciate the easier feel in turns and also a more sensitive and easily accessed flare for soft landings.


Ozone Magnum 2 41 38
Cells 52 52
Area Proj. 34.9 32.3
Area Flat 41 38
Span Proj. 11.55 11.12
Span Flat 14.67 14.12
A/R Proj. 3.82 3.82
A/R Flat 5.25 5.25
Root Chord 3.5 3.4
Glider Weight 8.5 8.15
Weight Range 130-220 110-185


With a slightly increased aspect ratio and 6 more cells, the Ozone Magnum II outperforms the original not only in comfort and ease of use, but also in glide performance and climb efficiency. A new line plan has allowed an 18% reduction in line drag, allowing you and your passenger more time in the air, if you want it. And if you don’t, the proven “Ear-Blocker” system will get you down quickly and easily.


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  • Manufactured by: Ozone

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