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A review of my Rush 3 L following a recent trip to Manilla, NSW, with Jocky Sanderson.
To give some context, I have been paragliding for about 18 years but have very limited airtime in the last 5 years due to work commitments abroad. So, here it is.... Hope it doesn't bore you to tears :)

Ground-Handling & Launching: 10/10
Incredibly easy! Cross-wind launches and turbulence are no problem at all. You can float the wing up, leave it hanging there, have a 40% deflation, make a phone call, drink a cup of tea and then fly away at your leisure.
Alpine launches need the 'old' technique i.e. risers to your sides. The wing tends to over-fly if you use the risers/hands on your shoulders method. - sorry for the awful description :)

Thermalling: 7.5/10
Doesn't have the bite and feedback of my Gin Zoom, but light control pressures and good pitch stability make up for it.

Glide: 7.5/10
Very good. It won't beat a racer, but it's certainly good enough to XC with any of the latest EN-C/DHV2's e.g. Sigma 8 and Delta. Glide on ½ bar is good.

Handling in Turbulence: 10/10
Fantastic! The wing is bomb proof. Flying (actively) in very turbulent air, I only experienced a couple of small deflations which popped out immediately.
Conditions at Mt. Borah were generally 5-9 m/s 'bullet' thermals, improving to give smoother 8-12m/s climbs to base once you broke through the inversion. The most exciting moment was getting caught by a dust devil and ripped up at 16m/s (I have sent the evidence to Steve Millson if you don't believe me) - even then, the Rush took it all in it's stride.

Landing: 9/10
Needs a wrap to stall it out quickly in light conditions. Other than that, it's a piece of the proverbial.

Overall: 8.5/10
The Rush 3 is a great wing that could suit a broad spectrum of pilots, from low-airtime people up to recreational XC pilots. My piloting skills are not current (1hr airtime logged in the last 12 months) but, even so, the Rush took me on some decent (45km) XC's, and was great fun to fly in very rough conditions…. I think I'll call it 'Fluffy' :)
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