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HG version inc dyneema bridle and swivel

Hang Glider Version

The Independence Evo Cross Reserve Paragliding Parachute combines the lowest sink rates, the highest pendulum stability & the fastest opening time in one rescue system. The Idependence Evo Cross is also available in a Hang Gliding version in sizes , 120 ,160 & 235

  • Extremely fast opening time, up to 40% below the approved limit of 5 sec
  • Opening time close to the theoretical minimum
  • Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s
  • No oscillation
  • High opening safety, even at negative rotation and spiral dives
  • Low weight because of extremely lightweight and resistant materials
  • Fabric in orange signal colour
  • According LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491 tested

Slow opening times, oscillating and rapidly falling pilots, rescue systems which do not open in a spiral drive. These are all terms that are likely belonging to the past due to our latest reserve parachute Evo Cross!

Already the Annular Evo series, with its unique RAM-Air Pockets, have become the epitome of a safe, modern and above all one of the most reliable rescue systems that were previously available on the market. But the innovative Evo Cross will once again set new standards!
The EVO CROSS reserve parachute is a rescue system for paragliding and paramotoring. Based on the principle of a so called cross canopy. This design is already in use for many years for military purposes. So we took the basic shape of a square canopy and fit the design to the needs and peculiarities of the paragliding sport and developed our new innovative rescue system series The Independence EVO CROSS.
Because of the slight asymmetric canopy design and outlet ports on all corners exceptional oscillation stability, combined with a low sink rate could be reached. Exact calculated suspension points maximized the projected surface and reduced the sink rate as well. So we reched up to 15% less sink rate as required on the very strict certification test of EN12491.
Rescue System Surface m2 Max Take Off Weight (according to LTF) Sink Rate at Max Load (LTF) Max Take Off Weight (according to EN, Sink Rate 5.5 m2) Weight Of Reserve
Evo Cross 100 25.06 100kg 4.9 m/s 100kg at 4.9 m/s 1.5kg
Evo Cross 120 36.81 120kg 4.7 m/s 120kg at 4.7 m/s 1.9kg
Evo Cross 160 41.12 160kg 5.6 m/s 155kg at 5.5m/s 2.4kg
EVO Cross 235 57,00m² 235kg 5,5m/s 235kg at 5,5m/s 3,1kg

The Evo Cross parachute structure is square and has, depending on the model 16 or 20 gores (see “technical datas”)

The Evo cross is made of tear restistant, high strenght nylon fabric. The main seams are flat fell seams and are reinforced by
a band. The lines are sewn to the canopy and reinforced with V-tapes at the canopy. The crown is pulled down by the
center lines. All lines and center lines are connected to the bridle.
The Evo Cross bridle has a strength of more than 2400 daN. Hang gliding models only differ from paragliding models by a longer
Maximum speed for usage: 115 km/h (32 m/s)
Interval for repacking: 12 month, then the rescue parachute has to be repacked and this repacking has to be recorded in the
“Repack and inspection log book”.
Interval of inspection: 24 month, then a complete inspection of the rescue parachute is necessary. The inspection have to
be recorded in the “Repack and inspection log book”.
Operational lifespan of parachute Evo Cross: 10 years. The lifespan can be extended for 2 more years if the Evo Cross parachute is inspected yearly during this last two years. So the total max. possible lifespan is 12 years.


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