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A HIGH PERFORMANCE INTERMEDIATE FOR RECREATIONAL PILOTS Make it easy to fly and be top of the stack! was what previous Sport owners told us when we asked them what they wanted from a wing so we built the Sport 4 to do just that. The Sport3 had exceptional auto thermalling characteristics that won it fans around the world, we knew this was the one single aspect of the series we had to keep. To do so we had to create a wing that had an exceptional sink rate and was happy to be flown very slowly too. Combining these characteristics with technology fed down the range from the World Championship winning FR3 has created possibly the easiest and most comfortable 1-2 glider we've ever flown - a glider that literally floats to the top of the stack, carrying you with it.

When we started work on the Sport4, we knew we'd have to work hard to keep that same Sport feeling that pilots had come to expect, but also improve the performance to put this latest evolution right up with the best of its class for the next two years. With the success of the Magic4, the first true 3-line glider to achieve DHV certification, the obvious place to look for more performance was in the line arrangements. We built both 3-line and 4-line versions of the Sport4, both of which would pass the certification tests. However, after extensive testing we realised that the 4-line version was simply easier to fly: it thermalled better, with longer, more forgiving brake travel, and still had fantastic responsive handling. So we concluded that for gliders of longer cord 4 rows of lines were better, so for the Sport4 we used four rows of lines in the middle of the wing where the cord is longer and 3 rows in the tip where the cord is less. So the Sport 4 has the best of both worlds, reduced line length and great comfort and usability. We also added the hybrid diagonals that are becoming standard across the entire range, put in span-wise strengtheners to add greater rigidity and collapse resistance, and removed one of the cells to give even greater roll stability and make the wing even more accessible to a greater range of pilot. The end result is the Sport4 is the easiest wing to fly we've ever made. An exceptional sink rate means you're always "top of the stack" and the "auto-thermalling" handling means it's easy and great fun to get there. If you want to try any glider in our range to understand our design philosophy try the Sport4.

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