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The Kangook classic is an original design which has a unique three-part removable cage available in 2 sizes, each section being identical and interchangeable, the Kangook paramotor is a modern design. In fact the interchangeable chassis allows you to change the attachment type for the wing to any of the 5 designs, high swing, J-Bar, low swing, intermediate swing and swan neck (information on all can be found below). The chassis also allows for different engines to be fitted with adapters to the standard frame. The standard frame can take a single loop lightweight cage assemble used on the Kangook lite.
If you would like to buy The Kangook Classic para motor as a unit please select your options below. We can also supply the Frames cages and engines separately if you want to self build, or upgrade components you already have. Please call for a quote.

RSultra has conceived and designed the paramotor with the following objectives:
  • Innovative design
  • 5 fastening systems of the wing provided in a single chassis. (Open to all types of control)
  • Interchangeability of the engine.
  • Strong, safe and ergonomic - double cage hoops
  • Quick and easy assembly - 3 section cage identical and interchangeable.
  • Tank 16.5 liters - 5 hours.
  • Throttle with cruise control
  • Lightweight

The Kangook Classic paramotor frame and aluminum cage, made of 3/4 (19 mm) and 1/2 (12 mm) offers a remarkably light weight while providing a rigid cage with double hoops.

The choice of a double hoop was chosen so that the Kangook can be foot launched and attached to a trike. The propeller is housed entirely within the cage, which provides the pilot with additional security in case of slipping over, or on landing if you fall over backwards the prop is not in contact with the ground.

Entirely built in aluminum T6 Aviation, the Kangook is light: only 25 kg with motor PA 125: complete with a  Sup'Air Kangook Harness, 16.5 liters tank, ready to fly.

The cage is so strong that 2 people can stand on it, see the Video of this paramotor stress test with 370lbs supported on it with no sign of damage.. amazing


Low Fixed Arms (J-Bar)  Standard fitment.

This attachment system is the most used on paramotors, it’s the most simple too. However, because of the fixed system, the pilot feels less of the movements of the wing than with swing arms.

High Swing Arms option

The high swing arms attachment has several advantages: torque and pitching effect are less important, the mobility of these arms give a good sensation of wing movements.

Low Swing Arms option

This attachment system gives the pilot a complete feeling of wing movements, very similar to a paraglider (free flight).

Intermediate swing arms option

This attachment system gives the pilot a good feeling of wing movements, but the weight shift is not so efficient than the direct attachment on low swing arms.

Swan Neck Arms option

This attachment system gives the pilot a good feeling of wing movements, very similar to the high swing arms and the attachment of the wing is a bit lower than with high swing arms.
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