Parahawking is paragliding along side a bird of prey. It is a new and very special experience.
Steve Millson and Martin Cray (natural history filmaker) have been working with and training birds
of prey to fly with us, whilst flying our paragliders. This has involved training individual birds to fly
with paragliders from chicks, We have at the moment a Peregine falcon, 2 Red Kites, and a
Steppe Eagle, These Birds have been the stars of some TV programs; BBC wales
"Flying with Kites" with Iolo Williams, and more recently BBC1 "The One Show" with Ellie Harrison.

Ellie Harrison, One show presenter                            

This magical event is available as an experience/instructional day, where you will learn to fly on a tandem paraglider with the birds for a fantastic 'close as it gets' experience.

This is Mr Black, one of two Red Kites trained to fly with us. Now residing at the Black Mountain Falconry centre in Abergavenny,
He may want to fly with you! If you would like to arrange a day out to fly
with the Kites please call us for a quotation.
This experience starts fromaround £300.
Photography or filming are additions to this day.

parahawking with red kite

Filming red kites